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im officially done.
has it sunk in yet?
absolutely not.

the past week and a half has been pure bliss.
i hung out with my friends more than i have in ages
I went three grad parties
~emily's- with the insane cow dance/eagle motion with the camera whore
~julia's- with the drunken teenagers
~katrina's- with the luscious strawberries and taking millions of pictures of meghan.
Saw K T Tunstall with Kat, Christine, Emily O, Sarah, and Vicki
Started my job at forever21
got my new laptop (i looove it <3)
started cotillion for sarah's party.
hung out with jake <3
been eating subway everyday. (cuz jared is totally my role model)
and i've been all around enjoying life.
...which is definately a great thing.

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