I never asked for your opinion…

…I just got it… and I get it….

the voice in your head
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i'm extremely opinionated and often very loquacious... I love arguing, thunderstorms, and road trips. I love the economist and red bull. I love big cities and art museums. Chocolate chip cookies are a gift from god. I’m addicted to the good life and cursive. I love red lipstick and black and white photographs. Connor Oberst is an amazing human being. I love stars and springtime. Politics is my passion. I have my own color. I am a consumer whore. Debate’s my obsession and I love everyone and everything that’s associated with it. My friends=love. I have the worst attention span. George Orwell is brilliant. Red roses make me happy. I prefer to be right. I love my best friend. I can’t shut up. I love anyone who can make me laugh. My sarcasm is infectious. I can’t wait til college but I’m going to miss everyone. I can’t live without chap stick or my rings. I love the movies and panda bears. I can’t ride a bike. I’m the biggest procrastinator that you’ll EVER meet. I am extremely random. I love life.

If you wake up at a different time in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

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